A man got arrested for spreading fake news about COVID-19

There has been a case of spreading lies on social media about India TV, a news channel that supports the truth and is at the forefront in the fight against the pandemic. Circulating fake news on Facebook, a person named Rajesh, wrote that a few employees of India TV channel were infected with the coronavirus. The lie was not just about the channel but about its staff. That person said if you live near any India TV employee, stay away and be cautious. If it was only about India TV, perhaps we would not have said anything, but this person spread lies about India TV staff. Taking into consideration false propaganda about their employees, India TV registered a case against the person after which the Noida police arrested him.

India TV has been at the forefront in showing you the truth by disseminating news from across the country during this pandemic and will not be deterred by such false claims made to spread unnecessary panic. The police, meanwhile, are further investigating the matter. This comes days after some 28 employees at a prominent media house were tested positive for coronavirus.

After doctors and health workers, media personnel are at the forefront in the fight against COVID-19. Spreading fake and unsubstantiated posts on social media may lead to unnecessary panic, thereby weakening the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Noida Police deserve to be lauded, they immediately swung into action, investigated and arrested the errant. Strict action should be taken against this person whose intention was just to spread fake news and cause panic in society.

India TV urges people to not forward or circulate such fake posts, which can harm our collective fight against the pandemic. Spreading fake posts and news without proper verification is also a punishable offence.

Meanwhile, five new positive cases of coronavirus were reported from Gautam Buddh Nagar district on Friday, taking the total number to 307. Officials said five other positive patients were also discharged from the hospital after getting cured.

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