Nayanthara was once homeless in Chennai

South film industry beauty queen Nayanthara has always managed to impress us with her acting skills and unmatched fashion sense. She not only is one of the highest-paid actresses but has also been outstanding with her acting skills.  But, she was once ‘homeless’ in Chennai.

In 2014 actress had returned to Chennai after a brief stay in Hyderabad. But she refused to rent a home in Chennai and rather lived in premier hotels for her stay. She gave up the idea of renting or getting a new house. She did not want any permanent stay in Chennai.

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Nayanthara owns two premium apartments in Hyderabad but none in Chennai. It is a conscious decision of Nayanthara to stay in a hotel because of security issues and personal matters. She is not interested on taking up any permanent residence in Chennai for now. It does not make any sense for the actress to purchase a home in Chennai because she is staying alone.

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