How to give vintage look for your home; here are the tips

Do you want to give vintage look to your home? Well, it’s quite easy to achieve the charm. Having a vintage look means to cherish the beauty of the old that will present charm and a cosy vibe to your abode. You need to make certain changes to bring the vintage look.

Here are the tips to follow for it.

  • Exhibit real paintings on the walls of your abode. Nowadays, machine-made arts have occupied every place but a real art work will convey the old look.
  • Arrange materials of woods and metals instead of plastics or any other artificial materials. But you don’t need to replace all your furniture for it. Next time, make sure they are all made of woods or metals.
  • Antique pieces are one of the most common ideas for creating the archaic look. So, you can also opt for that. But make sure you include antique pieces of different eras to complete the look.
  • Walls are mostly ignored in modern days. So, choose detailed designs on the walls that will have carved patterns as well.

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  • Flat, smooth and dry walls will not give vintage look. So, try for lime wash paint on the wall to make it look more natural. They will add movement, texture and characters to the walls.
  • Rugs are the most important part to bring the vintage look. So, you cannot avoid it at all.





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