Food items to avoid during rainy season

Rainy seasons are soothing and beautiful but the rains bring along the season of illnesses and diseases. Flies, houseflies and a variety of illness-causing mosquitoes start thriving. These, in turn, make people fall sick. So it is essential to eat right. One should know what kind of foods you must avoid during the monsoon season.

Leafy vegetables – Leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek leaves, mustard leaves, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce etc. The dampness caused due to the rains make these leaves a perfect shelter for germs.

Aerated drinks -One must avoid drinking carbonated beverages as they may cause gas problems and a sense of bloating.

Maida – Avoid eating Maida as it lacks fibre. It affects metabolism by causing a blockage in the stomach. It causes inflammation and takes too long to digest.

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Street foods – Fried food items from street food vendors must be avoided during the monsoons. Flies and other insects may infect the food if they are kept in the open. Moreover, it would be challenging to figure out the quality and type of oil they use for frying.

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