Katrina Kaif shares makeup tips to cover acne scares

There is no doubt that Katrina kaif is one of the most beautiful actress in Bollywood. In an episode of Kat Gets Kandid, she tackled the tough question of how to cover acne scars and skin redness.

“Sometimes redness isn’t due to acne or scarring; it’s just the redness of your skin. Some people have rosacea which can be red. A makeup tip I’ve learned from a lot of makeup artists is using a green colour corrector,Apply green colour corrector over redness wherever it may be over the skin and blend it. On top of that you can use a concealer or foundation and that should take care of the redness completely.” Said the actress.

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Katrina is hinting the technique of colour correction in makeup which uses opposing shade to neutralise skin discolouration. Like green colour corrector for redness, similarly orange can be used for dark brown circles and purple can be used for dullness. Whatever your skin issue, these colour correctors can come to your help.

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