Cleanliness tips every parent must teach their kids

How to stay clean and tidy this is one of the biggest concerns of parents So, let’s find out, how to give your child the new lessons of cleanliness to keep them safe from COVID-19 and other infectious disease.

Washing hands

This is one of the foremost part of cleanliness and it should be your kid’s normal habit. Even if they are playing in the garden, their hands should be washed with soap and water properly right after their return to home. And it should be done each and every time after they get back from outside.

Taking bath everyday

Children often throw tantrums before taking a bath. But parents need to make bathing a routine. Make them understand that why taking a bath regularly is necessary to stay clean.

How to maintain a healthy weight

No-touching the face often

It’s very tough to prevent your kid from touching their facial parts like face, eyes, nose because they will do it every time. So, make them understand that continuously touching their face is harmful during this period.

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