How to avoid negative thoughts; simple tips

Mental health is as important as physical health both are inter-related What we think affects our physical health accordingly. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the quality of our thoughts is directly proportional to the state of our physical health so it is important to be happy and joyful so that our body corresponds to a pleasant state of mind.

Accept the fact that negative thoughts affect you – It is important to accept and acknowledge the fact that negative thoughts do come to your mind. Only when you address it, you will be able to find ways to deal with it.

Close your eyes and count 20 – This is one of the best ways to kick negative thoughts away.

Read motivational books or listen to such words – By reading a motivational book, you will be able to learn the finer nuances of keeping negative thoughts away. Moreover, by listening to motivational speakers on the internet, you will be able to filter your thoughts  effectively.

Start a hobby – Negative thoughts only strike when you are sitting idle. Small wonder that people say an idle mind is a devil’s workshop so engage yourself.

Pranayam and Yoga – These age-old practises help in keeping the mind and the body healthy. When you feel healthy from within, no negative thoughts will dare to affect you.



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