Immunity boosting foods as per Ayurveda to prevent covid 19

Coronavirus pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives. Precautionary health measures and reducing social exposure of any kind is being practised all around the world. No one knows when the pandemic will end or when will be able to back to our normal lives. This is the time when we need to be alert and protect ourselves. These essential herbs in your kitchen helps to tackle virus.


Garlic is considered as one of the best ayurvedic remedies of all time. It has antiseptic, anti-fungal and other nutritious properties that help boost the immune system. It also has antibacterial properties that help kill viruses and bacteria.


Ashwagandha has antioxidant properties that help improve the body’s immunity to fight against diseases by increasing the number of pathogens- fighting agents.


 Ginger contains nutrients that bolster the immune system by breaking down the accumulation of toxins in the body. It also keeps other diseases at bay.

Health Benefits of Masala Tea


Curcumin in turmeric, is loaded with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help boost the immune system. It is beneficial during the flu season. You can have warm turmeric milk or garlic and turmeric drink.


Amla contains antioxidants and micronutrients that help detox the body by fighting the disease-causing bacteria. You can drink amla juice regularly to boost immunity.


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