Mistakes we all do which makes our skin age faster

A healthy lifestyle does not mean live longer but also make you look younger. Most of us wish to age gracefully, or least not to look our exact age. You may believe it all depends on genetics, but it can actually be achieved with a lot of discipline and good habits too. Here are some of the bad habits that can speed up your ageing process.


Smoking speeds up the normal ageing process of the skin, resulting in premature wrinkles. Smoking increases inflammation in the body so it damages the collagen and elastin protein of the skin, thus making the skin sag and wrinkle at an early age.

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Stress can speeds up your ageing process. Stress causes inflammation in the body, which damages  the skin fibres. This makes the skin look dull and lifeless. Stress also damages the cellular structure of the body, which causes premature ageing of the cells.

Exposure to sun

Constant exposure of the skin to  sun can damage the elastic fibres of the skin. The elastic fibres of the skin help the skin remain firm. When they get damaged, the skin starts getting wrinkly and loose. Continuous exposure to sunlight also leads to age spots on the face, hands and other sun-exposed areas. You must apply sunscreen on your hands and face before going out in the sun.

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Lack of sleep

Continuous sleep deprivation can not only lead to dark circles but also other signs of ageing like dark spots and fine lines, much earlier than expected. Even a single night of insufficient sleep can make the cells of the body age quicker in the case of older adults. It also causes premature skin ageing but also decreases the ability of the skin to fight against the harmful rays of the sun. A person must sleep for at least 7 hours a day to keep the body healthy.

Lack of exercise

Regular exercise improves blood circulation in the body which makes the skin look radiant. Studies have shown that regular exercising helps people age slowly and live a healthier and more energetic life.

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