Bye Bye to moisturisers; switch to serums for hydration and spotless skin

You’ll start realising how important it is to invest in your skin and take care of it to push back the signs of ageing in late 20’s For most of us, the ultimate goal is to get glowing supple skin that is well nourished. And to do so, one needs to keep themselves hydrated inside out. and one very advanced product that has been ruling the skincare industry for a long time is face serum.

There are many face serums available in the market for different skincare problems and needs. Unlike creams and toners, serums, which are concentrated solutions, penetrate deeper into the skin to deliver active ingredients. They are more effective than many other products be it in terms of moisturisation or reducing dark spots.

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Serums can be divided into two categories – AM and PM, meaning there are a few that you can use with your day time skincare routine and some that you can use in the night.


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