‘Sushant used to smoke marijuana, not me,’ says Rhea Chakraborty

Many WhatsApp chats reportedly of actress Rhea Chakraborty surfaced last few days. And it was being reported that the actress used to either take illegal drugs or give it to Sushant Singh Rajput. From the chats, it could also be seen that Rhea had spoken to a few people about illegal drugs such as MDMA, marijuana and hash among others.

Now,Rhea has finally opened up about the WhatsApp chats that recently went viral. And she said that she denies ‘all such baseless allegations’. In an interview with India Today, she said that she never took hard drugs and she is ready to get her blood test done. She also said that it was Sushant who used to smoke marijuana and she was silent about the same because she doesn’t want to highlight his wrongdoings in the public.

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“I deny the content of this conversation (WhatsApp chats) and I would like to reserve the rest of this for the investigation.” When asked about her conversation with Jaya Saha about CBD oil, she said, “Main nhi dena chahti thi but unhone Jaya se ek alternative therapy maangi thi aur unki aapas mei koi baat hui thi jiski sirf coordination mere phone par hai. Na he maine unki chai mei kuch daala, unhone khud kiya hoga.


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