Best photo editing apps of 2020

Getting good photos with your smartphone is one thing, but how do some photographers get such perfect clarity and detail. How do they achieve a quality of tone and lighting?  but sometimes it comes down to image-editing. Optimising your photos with an image editor can turn a decent snap into a work of art; one with colours that change from the screen and an interplay of light and dark that guides the viewer’s eye.

Some of the best editing apps are:

Google Snapseed: The best free image-editing app and it’s versatile

Adobe Photoshop Express: Apt for quick fixes

Enlight: The best for creative photo editing , it’s only on iOS

CyberLink PhotoDirector:  Android app for creative editing

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Polarr: The best Android app for  layers-based editing

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: For serious photographers

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