Suffering from hair fall; try these home remedies which definitely works

If you are suffering from hair fall, then massage your head thoroughly for a few minutes every day, but do not comb the hair thoroughly. It is not good to try everything in the name of home remedies because sometimes they do not prove effective and are a waste of time. If you are searching how to stop hair fall, today here are some simple home remedies which will prove to be helpful.

Hair Massage:
Regular hair massage in the head for a few minutes, doing so will help in controlling the blood flow. The correct blood flow of the scalp keeps the hair roots active, so  massage your head by adding 2 drops of lemon juice to olive or coconut oil. After 1 hour wash the hair with shampoo.

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Household Hair Spa
Mix a few drops of olive oil in warm water and dip a towel in it for 2 minutes. After this, cover the hair well with that towel. This will be a natural spa for your hair.

 Natural juice
Apply garlic, onion or ginger juice on the skin of your head. Leave it overnight and wash it well in the morning.

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