Some myths about coronavirus

Ever since the pandemic  hit the world early this year, some myths are also circulating since then. Know some of the myths that could be misleading, and something that could prove fatal.

Drinking water will flush out the virus

Once the virus enters the body, it cannot be flushed out by drinking many glasses of water. No doubt, it is essential to keep the body well hydrated, but drinking glasses of water will NOT kill the virus.

Do you know how dangerous salt is ? know how it badly affect our health

Cleaning the mouth and the nose with salt or warm water will eliminate the virus.

It is important to maintain good hand and mouth hygiene but cleaning the mouth or gargling with salt water will NOT kill the virus.

 Vitamin C alone is enough for boosting immunity

Vitamin C is one of the most important vital nutrients needed for boosting the body’s resistance power, a wholesome/healthy diet must be planned to build a strong immune system. Consult your family physician before taking supplements or medicines and chalk out a balanced diet.

Incredible benefits of coconut water you don’t know

High temperature protects you from COVID-19

Heating yourself to high temperature or standing under the Sun for hours will not reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19.


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