Aditya Narayan make shocking revelation prior wedding

Play back singer Aditya Narayan is in desperate need for work. He has been majorly affected by the pandemic. He is not working on any show or project since lockdown and that seems to have exhausted all his savings.

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In a recent interview he mentioned how he’s only left with Rs 18,000 in his bank account and that if he doesn’t start working by the end of this month then he might also have to sell off his bike. Singer is hoping that the government doesn’t extend the lockdown any further or “people will die of hunger.”

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“My whole savings are depleted. I’ve literally finished my savings. All the money I had invested in Mutual Funds, I had to withdraw all of that (to survive). Because nobody had planned that I wouldn’t be working for a year and yet chilling it out. Nobody plans it like that. Unless you’re like some billionaire. So there is no choice. Like I’ve Rs 18,000 left in my account. So if I don’t start working by October, I would have no money. I would have to sell off my bike or something. It’s really tough. At the end of the day, you’ve to take some harsh calls. When you take those harsh calls, there will be a certain section of people who will say that this decision is incorrect”, said Aditya .



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