Tech tips for phone and computer

How well do you know the phone in your pocket and computer you’re using. Many don’t know the gadgets and software they use half as well as they should. Developers arrange kinds of secrets, shortcuts and hidden tricks in the gadgets you own that can make your tech more fun and productive. Here are some of our favorite hidden tech tips.

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Mute your music

If you’re playing music or audio in another tab, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to quiet it down. Instead, you can mute the tab with just a click. In Google Chrome, right-click on a tab with audio playing and choose Mute site. This will stop audio from playing in the tab . In Microsoft Edge just click the speaker icon.

The secret scroll

There’s an easy way to scroll built right into your keyboard. Press the spacebar with your browser open and you’ll move down the page. It will take you right to the bottom of what you were previously reading, so you won’t miss anything. Press Shift + spacebar to scroll up.

Manage incoming notifications

In Android, touch and hold the notification, and tap Settings. You can choose to turn notifications off by tapping Notifications off or tap Advanced to allow more in-depth notifications like notification dots.

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