Home remedies to get sparkling white teeth

Everybody notices our smile , bad habit in time like smoking consuming tobacco, damages teeth. Bright teeth like pearls add to your beauty and personality and if you want your teeth to glow after quitting tobacco, then you can try this home remedies.

Incredible benefits of drinking hot water in morning

Grind the burnt charcoal finely and rub it with the help of your fingers. By doing this, no one can stop the yellowing of your teeth.

Boil asafetida powder in water, and now rinse it twice a day with this water, this recipe will also reduce the pain of your teeth.

Mix 2 to 3 drops mustard oil in salt and clean your teeth, your teeth will start glowing.

Incredible health benefits of Mango

Apply a pinch of salt in 1 lemon peel and rub it on the tooth, lemon contains vitamin C and salt cleans the dirt according to Ayurveda, so it is considered wonderful for the teeth.

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