Simple tips to beat stress and anxiety

Mental health is as important as physical health. Since pandemic people who were earlier having mild anxiety have reached the scale of moderate and severe. Millions of people give weightage to physical health over mental wellness. Here are some tips to beat stress and anxiety.

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Switch Off Your Television Set

Nothing is going to change if you stay untuned to the news update for an evening or for a couple of days. Your mind deserves some break from all the pandemic news.

Recognise Your Inner Voice

Talk to your soul, it  is willing to talk to you. Get connected through short meditation sessions and take up some breathing exercises. It will not only help you regain your sanity but it is good for your lungs too.

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Connect with nature

Some people enjoys chirping birds while others feel fresh when they look at flowing water. You were likely out of touch but it is the best time to get reconnected with nature the way you like it most. Start watering plants, sing to them or look at the greenery around. These small activities will improves your mood.


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