Home Remedies to get rid off Mosquitoes

Mosquito menace are increasing rapidly. Because of this problem people are falling ill and many problems are taking place in their lives. Here are some home remedies in which all the mosquitoes of the house will run away.

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  1. Burn camphor in the room and close the windows and doors for 10 minutes. All mosquitoes in the house will run way in a while and the atmosphere of the house will also be good.
  2. Mix ajwain powder in mustard oil and place it in the corner of the house.
  3.  Mix neem oil with coconut oil and light its lamp in the house. The smoke from it will drive away all mosquitoes .
  4. Apply basil leaves on the body. So you can try this home remedy as well.
  5. Sprinkle lavender oil this will drive away all the mosquitoes in the house run away and mosquitoes will never come in the house.

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