Reason why you should not keep your eggs in refrigerator

Eating egg is considered very nutritious for health because it is protein rich. So some people bring large quantities of eggs at once to keep them in the fridge to avoid every day’s hard work. If you are one among them, then tell you that keeping eggs in the refrigerator might harm your health.

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Eggs kept  in the refrigerator, the protein, calcium and omega 3 fatty acids present in it are destroyed. After which you will not get any benefit of eating egg. Research has shown that all these nutrients are weakened due to low temperature in the fridge.

The temperature of the fridge is extremely low. So eggs should always be kept in normal temperature. Storing it in the fridge also kills its taste.

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Eggs in the refrigerator increases the amount of bacteria and it will also reach you and you will fall ill. If the eggs remain in fridge for too long, then the bacteria on the eggs might harm your health.

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