Amazing Health Benefits of Foot Massage

Foot massage is a method to trigger weak points in your body. People feel relaxed taking foot massage when they suffer leg pain. Our entire body weight falls on your legs leading to muscle cramps or twisting of veins so it is necessary to keep a check on your weight and food habits. Body massage is good to activate the cells, release muscle tightness, and improve blood circulation. Foot massage can do wonder to our health, it gets rid of any illness.

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Relieves Menopause Problems

Daily foot massage is a good treatment for menopause and premenstrual syndrome. A foot massage reduce symptoms like irritability, fatigue, mood swings, and headaches during menopause.

Helps pregnant women

During pregnancy  women face swollen legs and feet because of overweight or muscle cramps. Foot massage  can relieve the swollen problem. The massage can benefit during labor time and needs no pain killer.

Brings down blood pressure

Now a days there are more cases of High BP leading to strokes and heart attacks. Medicines can be taken to cure when detected early. A foot massage can be the best choice to lower blood pressure by activating a few points in your body naturally.

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Promotes Good Sleep

Massaging foot every night can promote good sleep.

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