Wife murdered husband with help of boyfriend

In  Baran, Rajasthan,  wife has killed her husband due to the illicit relationship with her boyfriend. In this case, the police arrested both the wife and her boyfriend . In the case of media reports, Baran District Superintendent of Police, Dr Ravi Sabharwal has spoken about this case.

Mother murders her 1-year-old, for having hearing disability

, ‘On 21 November 2020, My sister-in-law and brother had a fight between the husband and wife. During that time a young man named Rakesh was also present there. The brother has been missing since then. On November 29, 2020, at 10 to 11 am, my brother came towards Ram Kumar’s brick kiln to find Mahendra when the leaves smelled near the road. ‘ told brother of the deceased told.


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