Is it bad for health to sleep in a bra?

When you wear a bra, you might have felt yourself a calm and confident woman. Of course, it helps to make the breasts look good and attractive. But , many of the women do not remove the bra after wearing it all day and go to sleep only wearing bra. Many feel comfortable sleeping in a bra, many feel uncomfortable wearing a bra . Many  says that sleeping on bra at night can cause many health problems. Is it true?

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According  to the experts, sleeping in a bra is completely safe. If you wear a comfortable and properly fitting bra at bedtime, then it will not have any negative effect nor can there be any long-term damage. During menopause, estrogen levels in women are low, so sleeping on a bra can give you relief from uncomfortable feelings. Pregnant and lactating women get relief from breast pain by sleeping in a bra.


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