How to Take Care of Babies During Winter

Winter season is the most vulnerable time for humans.  Particularly babies, they are more vulnerable during this time of the year as they do not have fully formed immune systems.

Mother’s warmth

There is no better source of warmth for a baby than the mother’s body. Physical contact between a mother and her baby is thus vital for the latter. The heat from the mother’s body protects the baby from the cold and helps maintain their important body functions.

Tips to pamper your skin

Warm clothing

Clothing prevents heat from the body escaping and thereby maintains a healthy temperature. Socks and caps are important, especially after the sun goes down. Too many layers of clothing might make the child uncomfortable they should be able to move their limbs freely.


Massage with herbal oil not only helps babies develop their nerves, muscles and bones, but it also keeps them warm and aids in improved blood flow. The cold weather causes the skin to dry out and become rough. The oil helps soften the skin it also help infants sleep better.

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