Morning or evening: best time to eat a cheat meal

If you see doughnut  or the pizza on the dinner table, we all can admit that we lose it every now and then. Sometimes the craving go so bad that you are unable to deny it. The foods you eat on a cheat day depends on your preference, and it involves foods that you are permitted to eat on a typical diet plan. Satisfying your cravings once in a while should bring  happiness and motivates you to eat healthily.

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Talking about the best time to eat a cheat meal, it is better to eat a cheat meal in the morning versus the evening. ‘The body can burn twice as many calories in the morning as it can in the evening. Your glucose levels will rise twice as much if you eat a calorie-filled meal in the evening compared to  morning. ‘Your body burns twice as much more at 8 am vs 8 pm.

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