Incredible health benefits of melon

It is important to keep our body hydrated this season. So, seasonal fruits and vegetables should be eaten. These fruit  keeps the body hydrated and  helps to increase immunity. Among them melon is also very beneficial for health during the summer . It is an easily available fruit during summer .

Calcium rich foods for stronger bones

Folic acids are found in melons. It prevents clotting of blood .Eating melons helps in reducing muscle spasms in periods and relieves pain. During summer , rising temperatures and heat stroke can upset  stomach. Eating more fried food might cause constipation and many other abdominal problems. Melons are rich  fiber. Eating it does not have the problem of constipation and the stomach is also full.

Rich vitamin C content in melons strengthens immunity by increasing white blood cells. Eating melon keeps the body healthy and keeps away from the crisis of viruses and bacterial infection. It has anti-aging properties that do not allow the person to get old soon. The use of melons stomach ulcers. Vitamin A in melons helps in increasing eye light and reduces the risk of cataracts.


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