Know here the important points to keep in mind while home isolation

The fear of the second wave of coronavirus is bothering everyone. The virus is spreading so fast that people of all ages are falling prey to it. If you facing the symptoms of coronavirus, staying at home is the best way to cure it. Because most of the hospitals are full of patients, it is better to tree the patient at home unless the patient has severe symptoms.

Here are a few tips on how to treat your patient in the house.

Selection of room for isolation: 

It is necessary to keep the patient in isolation, so there should be a room that is well ventilated. In a closed room, the virus sits in one place and thrives, so it is important to have sunlight and air in the room. The room must have an attached bathroom and that bathroom should be used only by the corona patient.

Check Blood Pressure:

If he is not a patient of blood pressure, still check their blood pressure. Blood pressure can increase and decrease due to corona

Check fever continuously:

If the temperature of the body is higher than normal body temperature give him fever-reducing medicine on the advice of a doctor

Check oxygen level: Keep checking the level of oxygen in the blood with an oximeter. IF the level of oxygen in the blood falls from normal 98% to 94%, then immediately tell the doctor. If the oxygen reaches 90 then do not delay and take them to the hospital immediately as the patient may need oxygen.

Keep thermometer and Oximeter at home:

Make sure to keep a thermometer and an oximeter at home so that you keep checking fever and oxygen levels every 6 hours.

How often to check:

Measure fever and oxygen three times a day 8 am, 2 pm, 8 pm

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