Want to make your skin beautiful? Do this forever!

Are you reluctant to wipe off makeup before bed? Then the problems of whiteheads, blackheads, and itching are invited. Toxic wastes are expelled through the pores during sleep. But this process is hampered when the makeup is still on the face. Also, the skin becomes dry

Skin cells are most regenerated at night. It’s three times faster than day. So the most important thing to keep the skin beautiful is to wipe off the makeup before going to bed. Oil based remover and water based makeup remover are available. These are usually eye makeup removers. Choose quality ones to use on the face. Makeup Wipes – Pad and tissue shaped makeup wipes are also available. These can be applied lightly on the face to wipe off the makeup. Foaming Cleanser – Makeup removal foaming cleanser is also available in the market. They can be used as a face wash. What if there is no remover anymore? There is a way for that too. Gently massage your face with baby oil or olive oil and wipe with a cotton swab.

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