You can enjoy sex without hesitation, if you pay attention to these things


Excessive experience of living together for a long time can make partners less attractive to each other. Instead of having direct sex, moving on to other things after arousing each other with love and lustful touches (foreplay) can help make sex enjoyable. Kissing and stroking each other before engaging in vaginal intercourse leads to good sexual intercourse. Medical science says that foreplay is very important in sex life.

Not only the genitals, lips, and breasts are the stimulus centers of the human body. For most people, placing the ummah behind the ear or neck and gently touching the toes is a stimulant. These stimuli will be different for each person. It is important to understand and treat your partner well. It is important to understand that foreplay is of great importance in sex. Foreplay can cause sexual arousal, especially in women.

Personal hygiene is very important in sex. Bad breath and bad breath are often things that bother partners. Therefore, you need to enter the bedroom with a clean body. Entering the bedroom after bathing and applying perfume will give freshness. There is nothing wrong with wearing little sexy, tight clothes instead of regular clothes. Partners can choose clothes that suit each other for the bedroom.

Humans are always looking for innovations. So it is natural for them to get bored with the same methods. Choosing new bedrooms for sex instead of a regular bedroom and experimenting with more unfamiliar sex positions are all things that can help you get rid of boredom.

Sexual conversation is something that stimulates the partner. But such conversations should not be taken lightly. Experts say that watching and imitating porn videos does more harm than good. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Both men can have sex only when they are aroused.

There is no such thing as a timetable for sex. When partners want, sex can happen when the circumstances are right. Both need to be careful not to carry on with sex until they are both satisfied. Only then will the experience of sex be complete.

Women are more likely to develop vaginal dryness as they age. This can make sex a painful experience for women. Using lubricants at such stages can help make sex life more enjoyable.

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