Want to control your anger ?; Here are some shortcuts

Excessive anger is one of the biggest causes of broken relationships. The main reason many family relationships are on the verge of collapse is the anger of the partners. Sometimes it can be a minor problem. But there are so many situations where it has become a big problem because of our excessive anger.

Anger is natural. However, it can be dangerous to lose control of your temper when you are angry. It can sometimes have a devastating effect on our community life. Are you overly angry? Or are you incapable of controlling your anger? Of course, there are some facts you need to know. There are some shortcuts to controlling anger

Think for a moment when you feel very angry. Think for yourself before you jump in and say or do something. Control your own mind. Take a deep breath, moving slightly apart. Do this once or twice. We can control ourselves when we take deep deep breaths. So as you inhale, your anger will slowly melt away. You may feel the anger subside.

The second way to control anger is to talk to yourself. Try to speak your own mind. Bring very positive thoughts and conversations to the brain. After that, keep talking to your own heart. When you do that, the anger will go away from you.

Another way is to listen and tell jokes. You should try to listen and tell jokes in a way that changes the tension of the mind. Then it is possible to control anger to some extent. Another shortcut is to identify the cause of your anger. Observe every day. Understand the circumstances under which anger comes. Sometimes you get angry when you interact with someone. If so, identify that person. Talk to them openly in a very calm atmosphere. If you have a problem with them, open up about it.

Think about the good and the bad in life. You need to talk and think about the things that make you happy. Engage more with those who support you and those you like.

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