What should Covid victims and those living in quarantine look for?

  • Those who have been in contact with or with quarantine sufferers and have health problems such as fever, colds, headaches, dizziness, diarrhea, or abdominal pain should be treated with covid positive prior to testing.
  • Those who have to go to work in the essential services and those who have to go out to buy essentials should make sure to stay alone in a room when they return home.
  • Do not remove the mask as soon as outsiders enter the house. Change the mask and cleanse the face only after cleansing the body. Only then should you interact with those at home.
  • The windows of the house should be left open to ensure ventilation. Although the virus is present in the room where the covid is infected, it can be killed when the virus spreads to the outside air. This eliminates the possibility of transmitting covid to others.
  • Outsiders should not go near the elderly or the seriously ill.
  • Family members should avoid eating around a table for the time being. It is better to feed the elderly in such a way that they do not come into contact with others.
  • Breathing and oxygen levels should be checked at home. A healthy person breathes up to 20 times a minute. If it is more than 20 times, seek the services of a doctor. Emergency treatment is required if it is more than 30 times.
  • A healthy person’s oxygen level can reach 94. Seek the services of a doctor immediately if you go below 90.
  • Those who stay covid positive should drink plenty of water. It is good to hold steam in the nose and chest.
  • covid sufferers and covid converters may experience lethargy, fatigue, exhaustion, fatigue, and difficulty doing hard work. This condition can last up to a month. This is part of the body’s response to the virus.
  • Those who stay home positive should report health problems to doctors, nurses, and health workers over the phone.
  • If you have other health problems such as cough, fever, shortness of breath, etc., you should consult a doctor at the nearest health center and seek treatment at the nearest Second Line Treatment Center and covid Hospitals.
  • Sometimes serious health problems can last for hours for patients without serious health problems. So even minor health issues should be discussed.
  • People who do not have significant health problems should avoid the possibility of hospital visits.
  • People undergoing dialysis, cancer treatment, radiation, and chemo should seek proper treatment as prescribed by their doctors. Facilities have been set up to provide specialist treatment to such patients in case of Covid positive.
  • Ordinary surgeries and treatments that can be postponed should be postponed after consulting a doctor.

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