5 Marital Problems Couples Face in Lockdown

This lockdown time has passed by changing many preconceptions. The insecurity spread by covid-19 also affects couples. Continuing on the lockdown, spending a lot of time together does not give many people a comfortable experience. While some couples have found a way forward by collaborating, the majority are still working on it. Anxiety and unwanted thoughts that come through over time can also adversely affect relationships. Identifying what these problems are and trying to solve them is essential for the marriage to move forward.

Let’s take a look at some of the issues that may or may not affect your relationship during this lockdown.


Having to live long hours in a closed environment with your partner may affect your privacy. The partner’s personality and behaviour patterns are more likely to be questioned.

Recognize that in such situations it is your responsibility to respect your partner’s privacy and to give them the space they need. Give them their own space, whether at work or in life.

Financial crisis

The financial crisis created by covid is also affecting relationships. Lack of income commensurate with expenses can create more difficulties in the home environment. Participants should be prepared to take on responsibilities and act accordingly in such situations. Together we can develop the idea that we can overcome this situation.


Being together all the time can often cause boredom between couples. The practical solution here is to engage in things that both of you can do together and are of interest to each other. Setting up a dinner party and watch favourite movies can be helpful.

Workload at home

In a situation where one has to do all the household chores alone, it is natural to have conflicts with each other. When it comes to working from home, there may be situations where you have to work in the office as well as in the kitchen. It is natural for the partner who has to do both to be upset. This problem can be avoided if the household chores are done on an equal footing.

Let’s talk with an open mind

Couple have a problem with open-mindedness even when they are together. This can be caused by work-from-home stress, homework, children’s study, and spending too much time on social media. Whatever the case, this issue can complicate the relationship. So find some time to talk openly every day.


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