Wear a moonstone, the result of peace of mind and memory

According to astrology and gemology, the moonstone is the epitome of the moon’s pearl. Chandrakanth is often more beneficial in astrology and problem solving than pearls. The lunar magnet does not have as much wear and tear as a pearl. Chemically potassium aluminum silicate

The main feature of the lunar magnet is the line that moves according to the variation of light against a dim glass background. This is called the ‘sheen’ phenomenon. In the field of astrological gemstones, the moon magnet is widely used. The lunar magnet is worn as a remedy for the Moon’s astrological weakness, but also to attract more of the Moon’s energy to the body.

People who visit astrologers and seek advice the most often often find that the Moon is weak in the horoscope. Let us see what are the declining elements of the moon in the horoscope. The waning time of the moon is from the full moon after the full moon to the new moon after the new moon. There are those who say that it is from Saptami to Saptami. Another evil is the zodiac sign of the moon

When the Moon is in a zodiac sign, the person’s decision will be like ‘either in Asan’s chest or outside Kalari’. Then things get tense and tense. You can see the horoscope is worried about not being able to make the right decision.

Even if the moon disappears in the 6th, 8th and 12th signs of the zodiac, it can cause mental stress. Possibility of theft.

The dates of the new moon, Chaturdashi on the eve of the new moon and the first on the next day of the new moon in the horoscope are very disturbing to those who are weak. Similarly, the tension will increase in the next two and a half days of the Moon (visible moon) traveling in the 8th house of the Moon in the horoscope. Avoid unnecessary, timeless travel these days.

Accidents, deaths and drowning often occur during the lunar eclipse on 6-8-12 of the horoscope.

It has been found that the Moon’s weakness is related to drowning.

Similarly, the last half of the lunar eclipse is due to the low eclipse of the moon. Chandran also played a major role in suicides

Astrologers and students know that Lord Chandra is not so gentle. But they call the moon auspicious. Saturn and Rahu are the ones who listen badly to the trouble the moon does. The general practice is to wear pearls and moonstones in general if the lunar position in the horoscope is bad. But for Medum, Karkatakam, Leo, Scorpio, Pisces Lagna people whose date of birth is 2-11-20-20, Rohini, Atham and Thiruvonaka people can wear Chandrakanth or pearl in general.

Children can wear pearls and moonstones at any age up to 7 years. It is believed that pearls help to change childhood and prevent death. The moon has motherhood. Therefore, the moon gem can be worn by babies from the 6th month. It is better to wear it in silver.

It is recommended to wear a moon magnet in the early stages of mental illness. Moon magnets can also be worn to relieve insomnia.

It is believed that wearing a moon magnet is beneficial in reducing domestic strife, tension, abnormal anger, lowering blood pressure and lowering body temperature.

Men who have reached the age of marriage can wear the moonstone to get married, to get married quickly, and to cure post-marriage suspicion.

The moonstone can be made into a silver ring or locket and worn. The moon magnet can be worn on the lunar calendar within an hour from sunrise on Monday morning. (Chandrahora = one hour from sunrise on Monday) When worn as a ring, it can be worn on the ring finger and index finger.

Along with the moonstone, wearing sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, turquoise and onyx is harmful. Chandrakanth is a cheap gemstone. The strength of the moon can be calculated from 3 to 7 carats. You can get the blessings of Chandrakaladharan by wearing Chandrakanth.

Moonstone. Image Credit: R. Sanjeevkumar PGA

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