Lockdown; Farmers are Struggling

Although excluded from the lockdown, the agricultural sector is currently on the verge of stagnation. The farming community in Kerala is in a dire situation if there is no immediate intervention. This will be a huge blow to the farming community, which is suffering due to the fall in prices and covid.

Many items for agricultural purposes are not available as shops selling agricultural implements are locked down. Many agricultural tasks that need to be completed on time are stalled due to the lack of availability of essential commodities. Farmers are under severe pressure due to the shortage of manpower and essential commodities caused by the covid.

For Rubber planters, it is essential to shedding before the onset of rains. But plastic and glue are not available now. If the shade is not applied before the rains, tapping will not be possible during the next rainy season.

Similarly, cardamom farmers in hilly areas are struggling to get fertilizer, neem cake, bone meal, nectar and pesticides. Failure to provide proper care in case of good summer rains will significantly affect production and quality. This will be another nightmare for cardamom farmers who are struggling with falling prices.

During the last lockdown, the sale and removal of seeds, fertilizers and Insecticide were allowed by a special order (G.O. (Rt) No.385 / 2020 / AGRI dated 09/04/2020). In the same vein, a new order should be issued allowing the sale and removal of agricultural implements as soon as possible and action should be taken to change the stagnation of the agricultural sector and help the farmers.

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