Son’s Painful Good bye to dying mother on video call

New Delhi: The second wave of Covid is suffocating the country every moment. Many people have already lost their lives. Health workers across the country are the ones who have to watch helplessly as patients die. Many people share such heart-wrenching experiences through their social media accounts. The experience shared by doctor Deepshika Ghosh is going viral on Twitter. Many people shared the doctor’s experience

Relatives of a patient were called on video before the shift ended. If there is anything they want, they will do it at the hospital. This patient’s son asked me for some time. He has to sing one last song for his dying mother.

He sang Tere Mujse Hai Pehle Ka .. I grabbed the phone and stood there. He looks at his mother and sings. This time the nurses came and stood in silence. He cried out of control, but he finished the song for his mother.

The nurses and I stood there. Our eyes filled. Then slowly the nurses went to their patients. The mother and son are Sanghamitra Chatterjee and Soham Chatterjee. My deepest condolences. Soham, your voice is the tradition of the mother.

This is a post shared by Deepshika.


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