Treatment with cow dung by covering the body with dung and urine; Experts warn of danger

Ahmedabad: Health experts have warned that treatment with cow dung has been noticed as unscientific as it has been misunderstood to protect against Covid. They say that cow dung has not been scientifically proven to be resistant to cow dung and that using cow dung can lead to other diseases. The news agency Reuters reported.


Many states do not have hospital beds as the spread of the covid epidemic in the country is on the rise. There is a situation where people die on the streets without getting oxygen or medicine for treatment. Meanwhile, as a result of superstitions and scientific ignorance, there are reports of people in some areas being treated with dung and cow urine.

There have been reports of people in states, including Gujarat, collecting cow dung and cow urine and applying it on their bodies in the belief that Kovid can be prevented. People do this under the misconception that it can boost the body’s immune system and fight the corona virus.

At least once a week they go to the cowsheds and collect the dung and urine, which are then flushed over the body and waited for to dry. He then embraces the cows and does yoga to increase their physical energy level. The dried dung and urine are then washed away with milk ‘, according to a news agency report on the’ covid treatment ‘taking place here.

Doctors and health experts have repeatedly warned that such treatments are unscientific and completely superstitious. The National President of the Indian Medical Association, Dr. K.S. J. A. Says Jayalal.

There are two types of problems with such unfounded actions. First of all, the misconception that such actions lead to healing and immunity will arise among the people and they will not adopt scientific preventive measures. This can lead to the spread of the disease.

Second, the spread of cow dung and cow urine on the body can lead to infections and other diseases. It can also cause diseases transmitted from animals to humans. In addition, health experts point out that the rush of people in the barns to collect the dung could lead to the spread of covid.

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