Dark-skinned girl ‘; Bipasha talks about the call she heard from her childhood to the movie world

The view that only white people are beautiful is wrong. We are selling false dreams. Says Bollywood actress and model Bipasha Basu.

In a post shared on Instagram, the actress talks about the adjective “dark-skinned girl” that she has been hearing since childhood. Bipasha says she grew up hearing her relatives say she was darker than her sister.

I had the color and appearance of my mother. My mother was beautiful. I did not know at that time what the relatives were talking about. During my modeling and acting career, I  was described as a dark-skinned woman.

Modeling starts at the age of 15-16. After winning the Super Model Contest, the media at the time described me as a “dark-skinned woman” from Kolkata.

Later, when I went on modeling in Paris and New York, I realized that my color was attractive. So I  got more opportunities because of this color. After that, I came back to India and got opportunities in the cinema. Many of the articles that came out about and said that the dark-skinned woman got the attention of the audience through her first film. I started to describe it in conjunction with my sex appeal. The word ‘sexy’ has become popular in Bollywood. But I never understood what I say about myself as sexy is personality. It has nothing to do with one’s color.

I was approached for advertisements for several cosmetic products. Many offered huge sums. But Bipasha said she was sticking to the ideals she believed in. It is not his color that defines Me. Bipasha also said that she likes this color.




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