Lakshadweep: An island of helplessness

There are no outright strikes in Lakshadweep due to the lockdown. But protests are spreading on social media and online platforms. The flame of protest is on the hashtag #saveLakshadweep on Facebook and Twitter.

There is no opportunity for a public protest on the island. There was only a poster protest led by some youth organizations in front of the houses. Internet and phone connection is not smooth due to network interruption. At the same time, there are protests on the Facebook page of Administrator Praful Patel, including Malayalees.

Ibrahim, from Minicoy Island, said he was receiving good support from Kerala. He said that the intervention of the Malayalees helped to bring the protest to the national level. He said the islanders feared they would be arrested if they protested. There are also fears in the islands that communication facilities will be cut off.


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