False propaganda that  those who get the covid vaccine will die within 2 years; CM says strong action will be taken

chief minister pinarayi Vijayan said false propaganda that those who get the covid vaccine will die within 2 years was circulating on social media and some online media. The news that is circulating is completely false. The Chief Minister also said that the scientist who was reporting on the matter had revealed it himself.

Those who lead such campaigns will be dealt with legally by the government. Everyone should be careful not to spread such messages. The Chief Minister said that in the face of a crisis in the survival of human beings, those who carry out such propaganda are committing an unjustified crime.

Vaccination is the most effective way to overcome the Covid pandemic. In Kerala itself, people over 60 years of age who received the vaccine at an early stage have less spread in the second wave. It is also true that those who received the vaccine did not face a serious condition. Therefore, there should not be a situation where no one accepting the vaccine believing the rumours, the CM said.

The news was that Nobel prize winner Luke Montainer had said that those who take the covid vaccine would die within two years. But he made it clear that he had not said so.

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