How to treat hair fall with onions

Everybody loves long, lustrous, and voluminous hair. But  most struggle with snail-paced hair growth, brittle dull hair, dandruff and scalp infections. If you want to grow your hair, proper care must be taken so that it is strong and healthy, avoiding damage and dull appearance.

Onion is in  Allium family , very rich in sulfur-containing compounds causing pungent odour and health-promoting properties.

What is Towel Hair Therapy?? How it helps for Hair Growth??

Methylsulfonylmethane in onions especially in its outer layers. It promotes formation of keratin for hair, resulting in hair growth.

Onion juice mixed with crushed methi seed powder and kept overnight with honey. Apply it on scalp, or mixed with olive oil for normal scalp. It helps fight hair lice, dandruff , it also act as a natural hair nourisher and conditioner.



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