How to adjust things in the right way to help children grow without increasing their screen time?

Children have not been able to go to school for the past year due to the covid-19 crisis. With classes and exams online, kids can stay home all the time. But it turned out to be a chore for parents working from home.

The hustle and bustle of the office had to be handled at home. In the meantime, many people are tired of work because they have to pay attention to their home jobs and their children. In such a situation, let’s see how to adjust things in the right way to help children grow without increasing their screen time.

Let’s clean the toys

Children over the age of five can be put in place to wash their toys. Parents can also ask their children to wash their toys with some soap and water. This activity is not just about making them busy. And develop their hygiene habits. Children will certainly love this activity because most children love playing in the water. But we need to make sure they don’t wash any electronic toys that may be damaged.

Sketching and colouring

Engaging in sketching, colouring, craft projects, etc. is also a favourite entertainment option for children. In addition to buying and giving them colouring books, parents can also ask their children to draw according to their imagination. This activity will enhance their creativity and imagination. Children can also be allowed to play in the soil for a while. Parents can work peacefully while their children focus on this.

Exercise, Yoga

Parents can let their children watch exercise and yoga videos. And ask the children to try exercise. Yoga and exercise regimes not only keep children healthy but also boost immunity.

Many such activities can be developed for their children according to their age. It’s a challenge to have an enjoyable routine in a way that doesn’t get stuck on the electronic screen the whole time. Reading, drawing and writing should be included in the children’s routine.

Intelligent games like chess and sudoku can also be introduced to little older children. It is also advisable to play in the vicinity of the house in the evenings with known friends from nearby houses. Along with this, hand washing and hygiene care should become the life habit of children through this holiday season.


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