WhatsApp usage will change; Three new features!

WhatsApp comes with three latest features. WhatsApp Beta Info reports quoting WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart on further details of these features, which have already been confirmed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Now you can send disappearing messages in the group and so on. But whatsapp’s term for this is one week. But one thing is that the ‘desired mode’ that can be changed and sent to you on every chat for the time you are fixed will soon be available on WhatsApp.

Another feature is ‘View Ones’, according to which if a message is sent to a person, it can be seen once by that person. Whether it’s text, video or audio, it’ll be deleted after that.

Another important feature is that a WhatsApp account can be opened on more than two devices. The feature has already been announced and is eagerly awaited by WhatsApp users in the world. It will reportedly reach users in the next two months. Now WhatsApp can open a phone, its web account on a laptop or desktop. As a solution, you can open an account on 4 devices at the same time.

The WhatsApp chief says that iOS users will get this speciality at an early stage. However, the new features will be a revolutionary change in WhatsApp usage.


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