DIY almond face masks for youthful and glowing skin

Almonds are full of vitamin E which makes our skin hydrated ,soft and supple. Antioxidants in almonds makes our skin wrinkle-free, youthful and glowing. By using these DIY almond face masks can make your skin even more beautiful.

Almond and milk face mask

In a bowl and mix almonds and milkin a thick paste-like consistency. Apply this mask on your face and neck and keep it for  20 minutes. Then wash your face thoroughly with lukewarm water. This removes tan from your face makes it bright.

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Almond, milk and grounded oats face mask 

In a bowl and mix almond, milk and grounded oats . Make a thick paste and apply this face mask let it stay there for 20 minutes, or keep it overnight. Rinse it lukewarm water for glowing skin.

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