The letter Vismaya had written to Kalidas Jayaram had saddened him.

Vismaya’s untimely death has deeply shaken Keralite society’s conscience. Meanwhile, social media is rife with debates and discussions about the various factors that may have contributed to her death. Meanwhile, young actor Kalidas Jayaram has spoken out about a letter written by Vismaya to him. Kalidas had shared the letter on his social media page with a heavy heart. The actor captioned Vismaya’s photo, “Dear Vismaya, I received the letter that you had written to me only after your loved ones had lost you.” I sincerely apologise for your unheard voice and unfulfilled dreams.”

The actor wrote that he was deeply saddened to learn about Vismaya and the circumstances that led to the tragic outcome. “It is absolutely unacceptable that, despite the literacy rate and access to information and knowledge from all over the world, our people are still not becoming aware of the gravity of the crime of dowry and how nerve-racking abuse is,” Kalidas wrote.

Vismaya’s college friend Arunima was the one who posted the letter and revealed the storey behind it. Arunima claims Vismaya wrote the letter as part of a love letter writing competition held at their college on Valentine’s Day two years ago. However, Kalidas only discovered the letter after it was widely shared on social media in the aftermath of Vismaya’s death.

Vismaya had asked Arunima to post the letter on social media and make it viral so that Kalidas would see it, according to Arunima. Vismaya had hoped that the actor would call her and invite her to take a selfie with him. Despite the fact that the letter was posted by friends, no one had shared it. Vismaya had laughed about it that day, according to Arunima.

“Now everyone is talking about her; she has posted numerous photos of her beautiful smile. She has now gone viral, just as she had hoped. For the past six years, we have been studying together. We know she would never kill herself. If she had done that, she must have suffered greatly. Those responsible for her death should be brought to justice and punished,” Arunima wrote on her Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Kalidas Jayaram wrote that he was deeply concerned about the names that would continue to be added to the growing list of similar tragedies. He wonders why leaving a toxic or abusive relationship is never tolerated in society. “Why is it so difficult for us as a developed society to simply accept how unethical and hideous it is to ask/encourage? Stay silent about dowry as a custom, and how heartless can we be to remain silent about any kind of abuse? Kalidas penned.


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