According to a study, short women and tall men make the happiest couples.

According to a study, apart from the benefit of looking to be a “cuter couple,” the happiness chart between a tall man and a small woman is even higher. In truth, a woman’s preference for a taller guy while looking for a partner is based on evolutionary factors, implying that assertions that women “feel” protected when dating a taller man are not entirely false. Kitae Sohn conducted a study to determine the happiness chart between spouses, which found,

‘’ The happiness of the woman was positively connected to the couple’s height difference. This relationship gradually deteriorated over time, eventually dissipating after 18 years of marriage. The husband’s resourcefulness played a minor role in the relationship.

Thus, we argue that the husband’s height and its correlation initially made his wife happy, but their influence waned over time. Nonetheless, the long period of dissipation indicates a strong impact of male height on women’s psychology, which was most likely prepared by evolution”.

A 2013 study published in Psychology Today discussed how size and height may be determining factor for happiness in a couple.

According to evolution, a tall man is preferred by women because, if you follow the argument, he will be stronger and better able to ward off physical threats to his family. However, unless being taller equates to being stronger, faster, and smarter, height does not appear to provide a particularly distinct advantage.

Taller men may appear stronger simply because we associate height with weight and strength. And being “looked up to,” quite literally, may, at some subconscious level, lead taller men to believe that they have superior qualities,” said the study’s lead researcher, Professor Susan Krauss Whitbourne.

It appears that taller men have a better chance of finding a mate when it comes to dating, but thinking that they can get away with it because they are 6’4 tall without having to work their way up would be a huge mistake on their part.

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