Isn’t ‘boring’ useful? According to experts, being ‘bored’ with your partner is essential for a long-lasting relationship.

Here’s some good news for those who complain about having a boring partner. It turns out that your days of eating cold pizza and watching Netflix with your partner have some benefits when it comes to a blossoming relationship. Author Mark Manson, known for his work titled ‘The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*CK,’ writes that being as ‘boring as possible’ is the key to a successful and long-lasting relationship.

‘That sounds strange to people, but think about it: a really happy 80-year-old couple who have been together for 60 years, the reason they have been together for 60 years isn’t that they took all these private jets and had their crazy vacations and ‘Oh my God, look at their pictures.’

It’s because they can be boring together. They can spend year after year sitting around the house, talking about the same boring things, watching TV, movies, cooking dinner, and everything is fine.

Nothing was exciting, nothing exploding, nothing causing a commotion, and nothing sending dishes flying.’ Manson penned the piece. He went on to say that many couples are afraid of being “bored,” and that what makes a person “extremely interesting” can also make them a “really horrible person to be with romantically.”

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