Doctor resigns after no action is taken against the police who assaulted him during the Covid Case.

Mavelikkara: A doctor at the Mavelikkara district hospital has resigned in protest of the lack of punishment taken against a police officer who assaulted him while on Covid duty. Dr. Rahul Mathew announced his resignation via a Facebook post.

The incident occurred on May 14th. Abhilash Chandran, a civil police officer, assaulted Dr. Rahul Mathew, alleging treatment failures. Abhilash’s mother was admitted to the hospital with a serious Covid infection, but she died. Abhilash returned the next day to the hospital and assaulted Dr Rahul.

For the past 40 days, the hospital’s doctors have been on strike, demanding that the police officer who assaulted Rahul be prosecuted. However, as Rahul pointed out, no action has yet been taken against the officer in question. He chose to resign from service in protest of this.

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