Kirankumar’s bank account has been frozen, and his locker has been locked

The bank account of Vismaya’s husband Kirankumar, who is accused of dowry harassment, has been frozen by police in Kollam. Vismaya’s gold jewellery were housed in bank lockers, which were also sealed by police.

Further interrogation and evidence collecting are needed in the case, thus police submitted a motion in court asking for Kirankumar’s custody to be extended.

The car and dowry jewellery presented by Vismaya’s parents are said to be evidence in the case. Vismaya’s friends have also agreed to give a statement to the police. Vismaya’s acquaintances claimed on social media that her husband had previously assaulted her.

Meanwhile, Vismaya’s family has demanded that the Chadayamangalam police reinvestigate an incident that occurred on January 5 and was handled. They made a formal complaint about it.

IG Harshitha had recently paid a visit to Vismaya’s house and promised to check into their plea. However, a written plea must be filed, which the family did.

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