Consider these four solid signals that someone is interested in you.

Do you want to know when someone is attracted to you? Then keep an eye out for these four signals to find out what’s on their mind and how they feel about you.

They lean in 

Someone who is interested in you will lean in while speaking to you. This is because they want to show you that they are paying attention to every word you say and are implying that they enjoy being close to you.

They enter your personal space

They will strive to enter your personal space because they want to get to know you better and be a part of your life. When given the opportunity, they will always opt to stand close to you or try their hardest to seat next to you.

They act strange

If someone likes you, they will do everything they can to gain your attention and make you notice them. This may entail going out of their way and doing things they would not typically do. They don’t mind if they act strangely since all they want is your complete attention.

They remember everything that you tell them

They remember every detail you tell them, from your favourite dish to your favourite colour. They will do their utmost to meet your demands and will go out of their way to bring you your favourite cuisine to show you how much they care about your likes and dislikes.

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