After her husband leaves the house locked in Palakkad, a woman and her baby are forced to stay in a sit-out.

Palakkad: A 24-year-old woman and her three-month-old baby have been living in the house’s sit-out for a week after her husband barred them from entering his home in the Palakkad district.

Under the Domestic Violence Act, the Hemambika Nagar police have filed a case against her 31-year-old husband Manu Krishnan, a native of Dhoni in Palakkad.

Manu Krishnan and Sruthi, a Pathanamthitta native, married a year ago. On July 1, the woman arrived at her husband’s house from Pathanamthitta.

According to the complaint, after learning of the wife’s and baby girl’s arrival, the husband locked up the house and left. Sruthi stayed in neighbouring houses until July 9, when she moved to the house’s sit-out. The woman and her parents claimed that her husband had been harassing them and was attempting to divorce them.

The police team, led by Inspector A C Vipin, arrived at the house and demanded information. The cops stated that they are following the court’s order to protect the woman and her child. The police attempted to negotiate their way into the house, but were unsuccessful. The police stated that after obtaining the court order, they would take the necessary steps to enter the house and assist the mother and baby.

Meanwhile, Manu Krishnan has denied the allegation, claiming that he was the one who was wronged.

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